Local Artists

August’s Featured Artist: Betsy Nelson

Betsy is a local artist whose artwork and crafts were inspired by her past and the beauty of nature. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ What drives you to create? I love the process.  Art for me is a way to escape and document what I see and feel in the world around me. How do you make your artwork? I…

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April’s Featured Artist: Naomi Rupp

What drives you to create? I love nature and the complexity of it. When I see a photo of an animal or flower etc., and I experience a feeling like amazement, calmness, peace, I try to translate that in my work. What does your work represent? My work represents the beauty we still have in…

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Judith stands next to an assortment of vibrant, framed and matted watercolor paintings hanging on our Gallery wall.

March’s Featured Artist: Judith Johnson

Judith Johnson creates art inspired by her love of our local nature. Stop in to your Co-op and see her work! What made you choose watercolor as a medium? I work mainly with watercolor because I enjoy the unpredictability of it. I also like the thought pattern in creating a painting, it’s like working from…

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February’s Local Artist: Rowan Myre

Rowan Myre of Maple Sapling Studio explores the intersection where the arts and nature meet. As an Owner at Natural Harvest, she understands the importance of sustainability, relating this directly to what she creates. What drives you to create? I shied away from art for many years because it can be such a wasteful and…

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January’s Local Artist: Peri Bovitz

This January, we’ll be hosting Peri Bovitz of Chisholm, MN as our Artist in Residence! Why do you create your art? I’ve always made art off and on and I enjoy pieces that carry an emotion with them. Typically, I tend to use a lot of color when I draw or paint. I believe the…

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Wide angle image of a gallery of textured paintings hung on a brightly lit wall.

November’s Featured Artist

This November, we have the honor of hosting Michelle Cappel from Spackle Art of Aurora! Why do you create your art? My art began as an experiment during the Covid quarantine. An article posed a question “What new skill would you like to learn during this time?” Having loved art my entire life I wondered…

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October’s Featured Artist

The Co-op’s featured artist during the of October is Margie Helstrom. Margie enjoys working with water-based mediums such as watercolor, acrylic paints, and gauche. We asked her a handful of questions to learn more about her work, read on to learn more. Why Do You Make This Type of Art? “My inspiration comes from light,…

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September’s Featured Artist

Our September Featured artist is Sue Rauschenfels. Sue enjoys working with acrylic, watercolor and mixed media to create vibrant abstract nature images. Her work will be on display through the end of September, if you are interested in purchasing her work please contact her directly srauschenfels@live.com. You can view more of her work on Instagram…

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August’s Featured Artist: Lisa Corradi

Local Artist Lisa Corradi will be showcasing her paintings in the Natural Harvest seating area this month! All pieces are $25 each and may be purchased directly from the artist by contacting her via email.

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July Featured Artist

Check out the new art display in the seating area. Featured artist, Alicia Isom found she has a passion for making macramé art over the course of the pandemic. You can view her work in the Co-op seating area through the end of July. All of the pieces are available for purchase. Follow her work…

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