March’s Featured Artist: Linda Jensen

Linda Jensen

Medium: Acrylic

1.  Why do I make this type of art?  During Covid like many of us, we were bored at least I know I was.  I live out in the country and I started watching Bob Ross on TV.  He made it look so simple, so I bought some brushes and paint and started painting on old framed pictures you could buy from 2nd hand stores.  I was eventually told not to do that for the longevity of my paintings and for better quality to paint on wood or canvas’.  I make this type of art because I see so many things I’d like to give my spin on.  This is why my tagline is Once Upon a canvas…
2.  My artwork represents God.  Everything He gives us, Blesses us with, shares with us.  He inspires me to paint what I do and often my work is Titled with credit to Him.
3. Color inspires me, I paint a lot of water scenes as water is always moving and always changing.  Giving color movement is what inspires me.
4.  My art is part of me, it’s just something I NEED to do.  If I don’t like something I paint over it, but I’m always learning and trying new things, it is a great outlet.
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