August’s Featured Artist: Betsy Nelson

Betsy is a local artist whose artwork and crafts were inspired by her past and the beauty of nature. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ What drives you to create? I love the process.  Art for me is a way to escape and document what I see and feel in the world around me. How do you make your artwork? I…

July Change Within Reach Recap

In July 2022, our shoppers donated $2,039.10 to the Rutabaga Project! Donations will help to fund supplies needed for planting and maintaining the gardens during the 2022 season. Learn more about the Rutabaga Project here. Thank you for your continued support of our community!

Recipe – Mexican Hot Dog

Tara Donne for The New York Times. Food Stylist: Chris Lanier.

Celebrate National Hot Dog Day by making these Mexican Hot Dogs! Take advantage of our store sales and try this fun spin on a traditional dog today! Mexican Hot Dogs Serves 8. Prep time: 45 minutes total. Hot dog ingredients: 8 Organic Valley/Lightlife Hot Dogs 8 bacon strips 4 jalapenos, halved lengthwise 2 tbsp vegetable…

June Change within Reach Recap

In June 2022, our shoppers donated $1,883.50 to the Friends of the Greenhouse! Donations will supplement ongoing expenses at the Greenhouse and Botanical Garden in Olcott Park as well as support their Monarch Butterfly initiative to aid in conservation efforts for decreasing populations of butterflies. Learn more about the Friends of the Greenhouse here. Thank…

May Change within Reach Recap

In May 2022, our shoppers donated $1,728.01 to the Iron Range Off-Road Cyclists! Donations will support trail renovations and fund exciting activities that bring the community together outdoors through the excellent cycling opportunities the Iron Range has to offer. Learn more about the Iron Range Off-Road Cyclists here. Thank you for your continued support of…

April Change within Reach Recap

In April 2022, our shoppers donated $1,993.75 to the Contented Critters! Contributions will support the Contented Critters non-profit and no-kill animal shelter in Ely, MN by funding alterations, food, and care for local animals. Learn more about Contented Critters here. Thank you for your support!

April’s Featured Artist: Naomi Rupp

What drives you to create? I love nature and the complexity of it. When I see a photo of an animal or flower etc., and I experience a feeling like amazement, calmness, peace, I try to translate that in my work. What does your work represent? My work represents the beauty we still have in…

March Change Within Reach Recap

Two staff members holding a large novelty check stating that the Quad City Food Shelf will receive two thousand one hundred eighty one dollars from Natural Harvest shoppers.

In March 2022, our shoppers donated $2,181.32 to the Quad City Food Shelf! The Quad City Food Shelf supports families in our Iron Range community with food assistance and access to resources. Donations will supplement their food intake and directly help local families. Learn more about the Quad City Food Shelf here. Thank you for your…

February Change Within Reach Recap

In February 2021, our shoppers donated $1,445.81 to the RMHC’s Project Warmth! Project Warmth provides warm clothing, financial support, and other necessities to those in our Iron Range community in need during these cold winter months. Learn more about the Range Mental Health Center here. Thank you for your support!

March’s Featured Artist: Judith Johnson

Judith stands next to an assortment of vibrant, framed and matted watercolor paintings hanging on our Gallery wall.

Judith Johnson creates art inspired by her love of our local nature. Stop in to your Co-op and see her work! What made you choose watercolor as a medium? I work mainly with watercolor because I enjoy the unpredictability of it. I also like the thought pattern in creating a painting, it’s like working from…

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