Board Elections

New Board Members Have Been Chosen!

We are thrilled to introduce our newest Board Members, who have been elected to represent our cooperative’s interests and strengthen our decision-making process. Please join us in welcoming:

Edie Carr  – With an extensive background in organizational development and budget management and preparation, Edie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our cooperative. Her passion for our mission and dedication to fostering collaboration will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success of our organization. (Term: 2023-2026)

Christina Forsythe – Christina brings a deep-rooted commitment to cooperative values and a passion for sustainable farming practices to her role as a Board Member. With her extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in sustainable agriculture and animal rearing, Christina enriches our cooperative with invaluable expertise. (Term: 2023-2026)

Jenna Kuitunen – Jenna is an exceptional addition to our Board of Directors, bringing a strong dedication to cooperative principles and a genuine passion for supporting our community. With her extensive background in financial management and business administration, Jenna’s expertise will be instrumental in driving the growth and success of our Co-op. (Term: 2023-2026)

Mike Nystrom – Mike possesses a wealth of knowledge in entrepreneurship and understands the importance of sustainable growth and financial stability. Having been a part of our Co-op since the 1980s, Mike’s deep understanding of our organization’s roots and evolution is invaluable. His experience and unwavering support will make him a trusted advisor to both fellow Board Members and community members alike. (Term: 2023-2025 (partial term))

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all the candidates who participated in the election process, showcasing their dedication to our cooperative’s mission. Together, we are building a vibrant and inclusive cooperative community.

What do Board members do for the Co-op? A vital, efficient, and effective Board of Directors is necessary to provide guidance and leadership to keep your Co-op healthy, active, productive, and responsive to Owners’ needs. The Board employs the principles of policy governance to focus on big-picture issues to evaluate and help plan for the future of your Co-op without managing day-to day operations.


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