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NHFC Microgrant Program

What is the NHFC Microgrant Program?

100% of NHFC’s October customer round-up donations will be used to directly support local farmers. Microgrants are intended to help achieve the production of high-quality, sustainably grown food and increase overall access to local, healthy food for all our community members.

2021 Microgrant Recipient

The recipient was announced at the Annual Owner Meeting on April 20, 2021.

Fat Chicken Farm (Embarrass, MN)

The 2021 recipient is local farmer Jana Goerdt from Fat Chicken Farm!

Jana and her family have been providing the Co-op with fresh local produce for many years and they will be using the funds to build a 210-square foot walk in cooler for their vegetables to improve storage life.

Donations were collected for the NHFC Microgrant Fund through the Change Within Reach Round-Up Program during the month of October 2020. The donations are being used to directly support local farmers by providing microgrant funding to assist with expanding their operations.



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