Producer Spotlight: Miller Mohawk Bean Co.

An assortment of kraft paper bags containing coffee on a glass table.

January’s Local Producer is Miller-Mohawk Bean Co. of Aurora, MN.

Your Co-op is proud to carry a wide assortment of Miller-Mohawk coffee blends, such as their delicious, deep Midnights, or the full-flavored Miner’s Roast.

How did Miller-Mohawk Bean Co. get started?

We started MMBC at home because we couldn’t find a coffee that we really enjoyed, and we’ve always been sorta DIY people. So we started roasting our own beans at home, in our oven. It came to be a real thing when we decided to open The Hive, since we wanted to supply our own beans.

What inspires you to be a roaster?

Our inspiration comes from the enjoyment of drinking coffee; the taste, smell, all the different traits of the beans from different parts of the world.

What’s your favorite item to make?

Personally, my favorite product we produce would have to be ‘Bout Half. I love a great medium roast. There’s still unique traits left in the coffee beans that come thru in the cup.

What’s something most people don’t know about Miller-Mohawk Bean Co.?

Perhaps one thing people don’t know (except our close friends) is that we started in our kitchen. The family loved the fresh coffee, but hated when I roasted, because I would always set off the smoke alarms!


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