First Shipments of Local Seasonal Produce

Local produce is slowly starting to arrive at your Co-op. We received our first shipment from Janna Geordt of Fat Chicken Farm in Embarrass, MN.

Her shipment includes chard, dino kale, star lettuce, butter lettuce, and collard greens. Janna loves being a farmer, follows organic growing practices, and has been providing vegetables to your Co-op for 13 years.

“I became a farmer because I like dirt,” says Janna. “I like to play in the dirt, to have my hands in dirt, to see what’s living in that dirt, and to grow veggies in dirt! My farm is lucky to have beautiful soil as a foundation. I grew up playing and eating in my mother’s big garden, so when I had the chance to try gardening/farming full time, I jumped in. In addition to dirt, I absolutely love to give people beautiful, honest, delicious vegetables, and to hear how they like to prepare them. By the fall I’m usually tired and ready to put the fields to bed for the year, but by mid-winter, I am always itching to get my hands back in the dirt again.”

When asked about her favorite thing to grow, Janna said, “My favorite fruits of my labor are…that’s like choosing your favorite child. Sometimes I think sugar snap peas, sometimes I think butterhead lettuce, sometimes I think cucumbers, sometimes carrots with a little dirt still on them. Don’t make me choose!”

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