August’s Featured Artist: Betsy Nelson

Betsy is a local artist whose artwork and crafts were inspired by her past and the beauty of nature.


What drives you to create?

I love the process.  Art for me is a way to escape and document what I see and feel in the world around me.

How do you make your artwork?

I work mainly in watercolor but am an accomplished decorative painter, jewelry artist and photographer.  I work primarily in my studio and work with reference photos that I have taken.  I will often combine multiple photos to get a composition that I like but I have learned a great deal about how to take a good reference photo which makes that process much easier. I will then play with different color combos and before painting.

What does your artwork represent?

My connection and love of nature and the intricacies of the world around us.

What inspires you?

Nature is a world of shapes and colors and I am fascinated with the creative challenge of capturing that as I see it.

We have expansive flower gardens planted in the early 90’s and it made me want to paint flowers; digital photography wasn’t yet a mainstream thing. Our yard is another area of creative expression, and a lot of my inspiration for painting and jewelry comes from the flowers, birds, and bugs in our yard.

What does your artwork mean to you?

It is my life and my purpose.  Art is reflected in most everything I do but in so many different ways.


Find more of Betsy’s artwork at Fine Edge Custom Framing in Virginia, MN.

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