Sustainability at Your Co-op

Sully Kosmas, Marketing Manager & NHFC Owner

Excerpt from The Harvest Beet • Spring 2022

Throughout the last few years, sustainability efforts across the globe have taken a major hit. Companies and organizations around the world have cited the pandemic as the reason behind relaxation of their recycling, reuse, and environmentalism policies — Natural Harvest, unfortunately, was not above this.

As we enter a new era, however, your Co-op is proud to return to our roots, standing at the forefront of the environmentalism movement. We have been, and continue to make changes throughout the store to make a positive impact on our community and the world around us. As these changes are implemented, we look forward to your input and thoughts on how we can make NHFC even better for our shoppers, our Iron Range community, and the planet.

Reduction of Single-Use Bags

Beginning Earth Day, April 22nd, 2022, we will resume our plans to implement a 10¢ fee for single-use paper bags at checkout. In doing so, we hope to reduce the amount of paper waste generated by a store of our size. All proceeds from this program will go directly towards our sustainability efforts and will not be used for profit.

Program Details:

  • Fees waived for shoppers on SNAP/EBT
  • Fees waived on produce, bulk, or protector bags
  • Fee will be 10¢ per bag
  • Double-bagged items will only be charged one fee
  • Program begins Earth Day, April 22nd, 2022

More availability of Recyclable Containers

We are actively working to source more #1 and #2 plastic containers for our Deli hot bar & grab-and-go cooler to replace our existing containers which were not recyclable on the Iron Range.
Next time you shop Co-op for a quick bite, feel free to rinse out the container and recycle it when you’re done!

Discount for Reusable Bulk Containers

Save green by going green! When you bring in, weigh, and refill your own containers in the Bulk department, you’ll receive 10¢ off your purchase.

Don’t have your own container, but still want to reduce waste? No worries! Use one of our labeled reusable containers, pay a small deposit, (put towards our sustainability efforts,) and get your money back when you clean and return the container!
Note: The take-a-jar program is a work in progress as we wait for our dishwasher to be repaired. Check back for updates!

More Selection in our Bulk section

Looking to reduce your plastic intake? Look no further than your co-op’s Bulk section! We’re working to bring in a wider selection of Bulk cleaners, dish detergents, soap, and more.

Instead of buying a brand new bottle, simply note the weight of your empty bottle, fill it up, and feel good!

Return of Reusable Dishware

They’re back! Rather than tossing yet another compostable plastic spoon, use our reusable utensils and dishes available at your Co-op’s Deli!

Sitting down for a moment? Opt for a ceramic coffee mug rather than a single-use paper cup.
Note: Use of reusable dishware is a work in progress as we wait for our dishwasher to be repaired. Check back for updates!

Questions? Concerns? Ideas?

Feel free to reach out to our team at We’re more than happy to take any comments or ideas you have of how we can do even better!


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