Locally Owned, Organically Grown
Deb Meissner DeVries (Britt) Deb Meissner DeVries
Perpetuation Committee:

Deb grew up in the Twin Cities, but has been on the Range (and a Natural Harvest member) more than 25 years. She has degrees in Biblical Studies, Therapeutic Recreation, and Teaching Second Languages and Cultures. She currently teaches in both the Virginia and Hibbing public schools. Deb loves to hike, kayak, and grow flowers and vegetables. Since first serving on NHFC's board during the 1990's, Deb has remained committed to building health and community around the common theme of food. Education and relationships are her priorities for our Coop's success.
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Carrie Sell (Cook, MN) Carrie Sell
President & Education Committee:

Carrie Sell has a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Life West Chiropractic College in Hayward, California. She returned to her hometown of Cook to open her own chiropractic practice in 2016. Dr. Sell is thrilled to offer plant-based nutrition classes in the new Natural Harvest classroom. In her spare time, she loves to prepare healthy meals, teach spinning classes at Supreme Court Fitness, and spend time with her husband William on Lake Vermilion. She looks forward to serving the Co-op community.
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Megan Thiele (Ely, MN) Megan Thiele
Education Committee:

Megan Thiele has a B.A. in Environmental Science from Luther College. She moved to Hoyt Lakes in 2016 with her husband, Eric, and works at Pace Analytical in Virginia. As a newcomer to the area, Megan has enjoyed becoming involved in the community through the Co-op. Megan is passionate about local food and making sure that everyone has access to healthy food no matter where they live. In her free time, she enjoys running, gardening, and playing with her puppy. She is very excited to be a part of the Co-op as it continues to grow and create a community amongst all people of our area.
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Darrel Swenson (Britt, MN) Darrel Swenson
Vice President & GM Evaluation Committee:

Darrel is a retired teacher at Virginia High School. He and his wife Joie have lived in Britt since 1969 and have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Darrel has been an organic gardener since 1970 and became a member of Natural Harvest while the store was on Chestnut Street. After retiring from teaching he held a part-time job at NHFC for about 15 years; serving as the beverage buyer, coffee buyer, and plants-seeds buyer. He took 2 trips to the state of Chiapas in southern Mexico to work with native organic coffee farmers. Darrel is a strong believer in organic foods; in the labeling of GMO's; in the "Fair Trade" movement; and believes that everyone should become members of the "Organic Consumers Association". Darrel plans to be a positive influence for the future of the Co-op by serving on the board.
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Pauli Rancourt (Eveleth, MN) Pauli Rancourt
Perpetuation Committee:

A combined background of nonprofit administration, finance management, and a desire to live a healthy lifestyle are the foundation to my interest in serving on the Board of Directors. I am excited to be a member of the coop, and to support local business as much as possible. The teamwork and shared vision and oversight of the General Manager and Board of Directors is something I am committed to so the community can continue to enjoy quality goods purchased locally and priced competitively.
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Julie Juntune (Virginia, MN) Julie Juntune
Secretary & GM Evaluation Committee:

Julie is an ardent believer in the values promoted by NHFC such as healthy, organic living, investment in local farmers and businesses, democracy, and social responsibility. She has many years of sales experience and has been involved with various co-ops for most of her life, both as an employee and member-owner. She understands the variety of reasons people choose to shop at co-ops such as special diets, sustainability, and food sensitivities. Julie loves gardening, reading and going on mini adventures with her two children. She feels privileged to serve the co-op and looks forward to helping Natural Harvest grow.
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Emma Peterson (Virginia, MN) Emma Peterson
Treasurer & Perpetuation Committee:

Emma was born, raised, and attended elementary and high school in Ely, MN. She graduated from UMD with a BA in Anthropology and later also completed an AS in nursing. She currently runs a small sewing business and is raising her three children. The Co-op embodies her values of quality nutrition, supporting local business and farmers, and treating our Earth well. She hopes to help the Co-op to continue its valuable contribution to our community.
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Shayna Ray (Biwabik, MN) Shayna Ray
Education Committee:
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