Locally Owned, Organically Grown
Pauli Rancourt (Eveleth, MN) Pauli Rancourt
Vice President & Perpetuation Committee:

A combined background of nonprofit administration, finance management, and a desire to live a healthy lifestyle are the foundation to my interest in serving on the Board of Directors. I am excited to be a member of the coop, and to support local business as much as possible. The teamwork and shared vision and oversight of the General Manager and Board of Directors is something I am committed to so the community can continue to enjoy quality goods purchased locally and priced competitively.
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Julie Juntune (Virginia, MN) Julie Juntune
Secretary & GM Evaluation Committee:

Julie is an ardent believer in the values promoted by NHFC such as healthy, organic living, investment in local farmers and businesses, democracy, and social responsibility. She has many years of sales experience and has been involved with various co-ops for most of her life, both as an employee and member-owner. She understands the variety of reasons people choose to shop at co-ops such as special diets, sustainability, and food sensitivities. Julie loves gardening, reading and going on mini adventures with her two children. She feels privileged to serve the co-op and looks forward to helping Natural Harvest grow.
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Emma Peterson (Virginia, MN) Emma Peterson
Education Committee:

Emma was born, raised, and attended elementary and high school in Ely, MN. She graduated from UMD with a BA in Anthropology and later also completed an AS in nursing. She currently runs a small sewing business and is raising her three children. The Co-op embodies her values of quality nutrition, supporting local business and farmers, and treating our Earth well. She hopes to help the Co-op to continue its valuable contribution to our community.
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Stephen Levchak (Chisholm, MN) Stephen Levchak
President & GM Evaluation Committee

Steve was born and raised in Chisholm and attended UMD, where he received his bachelor’s degree in Teaching Earth and Space Science. He returned to the Iron Range to pursue a career at Hibbing Taconite, where he has worked since 2006. In his spare time, Steve enjoys reading, playing the guitar, watching nature documentaries, viewing the night sky through his telescope, and spending time outdoors. He also likes trying all of the new recipes that his wife Erin creates and is fortunate to find such a great selection of healthy foods at the Co-op. Steve looks forward to working with the other members of the Board to help ensure the long-term success of our co-op.
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Kelsey Gantzer (Virginia, MN) Kelsey Gantzer
Treasurer & Education Committee

Kelsey moved to Virginia in 2018 to manage The Rutabaga Project for Access to Healthy Local Food. She has a background in nonprofit administration, communications, and local food systems. She holds a BA in Business Administration and English Literature from the University of St. Thomas. Kelsey is excited to serve on the Co-op board and hopes to see the Co-op continue to thrive.
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Jenna Ballinger (Virginia, MN) Jenna Ballinger
Jenna moved to Virginia in 2015. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She works at Essentia Health as a Community Health Specialist primarily focusing on supporting nonprofits and schools through funding and support. Previously she did social media marketing at MTV and Columbia University. She is passionate about local food and farming. She volunteers at several local Farmers Markets, has taught cooking classes, and previously worked in the Deli at Natural Harvest. The co-op values fit right into her own and she hopes to use her time on the board to support those values and be a voice for other owners.
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Kyle Lynch (Tower, MN) Kyle Lynch
Kyle has lived on the Iron Range his entire life. Graduating from Mesabi East in 1999 then pursuing a career in manufacturing at Lake Superior College as a CNC Machine programmer. After over a decade of working in various aspects of manufacturing developing skills working with computers, design and engineering, combined with a passion for playing, writing, and recording music since 16 years old eventually fell into a career in the music industry. Through those next years of gaining experience he eventually started his own business that still operates to this day. After years of hard work taking its toll with a back injury it became obvious that healthy living had to become a priority to being able to continue to grow in business and in life. This led to a passion of self-improvement to lead a healthy lifestyle with organic living to which the center of that has become the Natural Harvest in our community. He is honored to now be a part of the board for the Natural Harvest to contribute to the growth of what has become a staple in his life.
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Victoria Ranua (Soudan, MN) Victoria Ranua
When asked as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, my response was always “Be a beekeeper and have an apple orchard”. I did grow up to do both, as well as growing/producing other local foods. This led to being involved in promoting local food with fellow producers and delving into the business aspects of local food production. As soon as we purchased a home in Soudan, MN I became a Co-op Owner. I am glad to use my skills and time to serve on the board of an entity that has a long history of providing good food to the community and aid in its ability to do so with perpetuity.
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Tera Nowicki (Virginia, MN) Tera Nowicki
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