Locally Owned, Organically Grown

Welcome Your New Board Members

The votes have been tallied and your newly elected board members were announced during the virtual annual owner meeting on 4/20/21.

Thank you to all the candidates who ran, the owners who voted, and past board members who served.

If you have any questions about the election or what the Board does please contact your Board Members at board@naturalharvest.coop. 

Board Policies

Tera Nowicki

(Virginia, MN)



Carly Antus Wilk

(Angora, MN)




Dominic Renollet

(Chisholm, MN)



Raini Knaeble-Weiss

(Eveleth, MN)



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The Harvest Beet Spring 2021 What's Inside?

Elect Your New Board Members ❦  Invite to Annual Meeting of Owners ❦ MN Food Share March Campaign ❦  Virtual Classes ❦  Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

... and much more