November’s Featured Artist

Wide angle image of a gallery of textured paintings hung on a brightly lit wall.

This November, we have the honor of hosting Michelle Cappel from Spackle Art of Aurora!

Why do you create your art?

My art began as an experiment during the Covid quarantine. An article posed a question “What new skill would you like to learn during this time?” Having loved art my entire life I wondered if I could create it as well. I love to experiment with color and texture and I use the technique “Stream of Consciousness Painting”.
The use of Spackle was a happy “accident”. I had redone my office space and had alot of extra spackle, so why not add paint and see what happens? I started to use artificial flowers and the use of texture was born.

What does your art mean to you?

Creation. Creation of something I didn’t know I could do, of hope, to share my heart with others and of healing.
My art represents healing and what can happen if you believe in yourself and keep trying without judgement. I love psychology and the Stream of Consciousness technique uncovers hidden hopes, concerns and dreams for the future.

Stop in to your Co-op to see this beautiful work in person! For purchase inquiries, please contact Michelle directly at her Facebook page.

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