March’s Featured Artist: Judith Johnson

Judith stands next to an assortment of vibrant, framed and matted watercolor paintings hanging on our Gallery wall.

Judith Johnson creates art inspired by her love of our local nature. Stop in to your Co-op and see her work!

What made you choose watercolor as a medium?

I work mainly with watercolor because I enjoy the unpredictability of it. I also like the thought pattern in creating a painting, it’s like working from a photographic negative, so everything is literally backward. I love to draw and that is also the basis of a painting.

How do you make your paintings?

I like using high quality paint and paper to achieve my goals. I paint in my home studio most of the time, but it’s easy with watercolor to take it on the road.

Every painting starts with some type of drawing in a sketchbook. Sometimes I will draw on the watercolor paper, but often will just keep the sketch in mind and go for it. I use a variety of  different brushes, tape and resists in my work along with different painting techniques.

What does your artwork represent?

My art is typically created from memories and feelings from my time outdoors here in Northern Minnesota.

I believe my work is an interpretation of nature that is meant to elicit feelings more than offer the viewer a realistic rendition. Hopefully my work will remind people of a place they’ve been, a summer at the cabin, a walk in the woods or perhaps a childhood memory of an outing with grandparents.

What inspires you?

Nature certainly is my inspiration for the majority of my artwork. I spend quite a bit of time on the North Shore where every view can be inspiring.

See more of Judith’s work on Facebook.

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