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I LOVE Bulk Week!

Date(s): October 16th - October 22nd - All Day
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I Love Bulk Week is October 16 – 22 with 20% off every item, everyday! Our bulk department is a highlight and major point of value in our store. We have more than 500 products in bulk, many of them organic, to serve your baking, snacking, spicing and cooking whims whether it’s an obscure ingredient or an everyday staple such as raisins, rice or flour. There are so many reasons we love bulk—

  • Bulk is affordable: Bulk offers significant savings when compared to packaged foods
  • Bulk is green: Buying in bulk helps reduce food and packaging waste. Bring in your own containers to be a real green superhero!
  • Bulk is high quality: Bulk is often fresher than packaged alternatives
  • Bulk is convenient: Go ahead and try that new recipe! In bulk, you can purchase a pinch… or a pound.
  • Bulk is the best way to try something new. From dried mango slices to exotic green tea blends, the cost is low and the fun factor is high when it comes to bulk.

Our featured sales during Bulk Week will include: All Instant Beans & Soups; All Cereals & Grains; All Trail Mixes, Nuts & Snacks; All Spices; All Rice, Pasta & Beans; All Candies & Dried Fruits; and All Flours, Sugars & Grains.

Shopping Bulk is Easy!

  1. Take a bag, plastic container or coffee bag
  2. Fill it with as much or as little product as you need
  3. Use a twist tie or sticker to identify your product
  4. Write down the PLU# located on the product label
  5. And if you bring in your own container, just weigh it before filling and mark the weight using a sticker. The cashier will deduct the weight at the register.

If you still need assistance, just ask someone for help; we’re always delighted to introduce a new customer to the wonderful world of bulk, as well as being introduced to new products!

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