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Candida & Gut Health: Merritt Elementary School

Date(s): October 19th - 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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Lecture Series with Dr. Brad J. Montagne
Come join international speaker and lecturer Dr. Brad J. Montagne as he brings a wealth of knowledge from 25 years of Natural Medicine practice before us. He interweaves a tremendous depth of science, Naturopathic understanding, and clinical insights in a simple, understandable language full of practical ways to take your life back.

Much more than just a yeast infection. Candida has 3 different forms that can invade your body and change your life. It can change your digestion, change your hormones, cause your adrenal and thyroid glands to shut down, cause food intolerance, brain fog, and much more. It takes some very specific steps to overcome Candida. Come learn how to take your life back again!

This is an informational session and is free and open to the public. Sign-up sheets will be available at Natural Harvest Food Co-op or you can call Jean Smith at the MIB high school: 218-735-8271 ext 1003

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