Locally Owned, Organically Grown

Winemaking Department

At Natural Harvest, we carry many products for our owners and customers that want to “do it yourself.” The attitude of sustainability is very prevalent with people dwelling in communities of Northeastern Minnesota. Many who frequent our co-op make their own bread, cheese, and yogurt. Canning and freezing home grown garden vegetables, wild game processing, small scale farming, and other self sustaining activities abound here.

In that same vein, we have developed this department for those that want to produce their own wine and beer. In the late summer and fall seasons, many folks are harvesting wild berries to produce their homemade wines. This area of the state produces nice yields of blueberries, raspberries, June berries, strawberries, black currants, pin cherries, choke cherries, apples, plums, and more. Winemaking has been a traditional activity here for several generations.

At Natural Harvest we try to carry all of the traditional equipment for wine and beer making. Besides the physical equipment, we also have most ingredients for both processes. Compared to a full-blown wine & beer making store, we only have a small fraction of the available inventory. Still, through our supplier, LD Carlson, we have access to an entire warehouse of products, and can order any products (that we don’t usually stock) for customers. Just ask us for help if you’d like to make a batch of brew!

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