Locally Owned, Organically Grown

Enjoy Curbside Pickup!

We are working to do our part during this national health crisis.

Please be patient with us as we work to serve you in this new way.

Keep In Mind:

Like many stores, we are experiencing large order volume and are out of stock on many items. In the event an item you ordered is out of stock, we will find an alternative, or will leave it out of your order. Please note if you only want the specific item(s) you ordered.

Please be as specific as possible, for example, “Gluten-Free Bread” vs. “Canyon Mountain White Gluten-Free Bread”. We will only call to clarify items if truly necessary.

To ensure efficiency and to promote social distancing, we will not be accepting returns, exchanges or offering refunds on any items purchased through this program. We apologize for this decision and hope we can make up for it with the convenience and no added fees.

Customers needing to place an order without internet access can contact the store between the hours of 10am-4pm and ask to speak with a designated curbside pickup staff member. (218) 741-4663. As a courtesy please use the online form if possible to keep our phone lines open for other incoming and outgoing calls.

All orders are properly stored – freezer items put in the freezer, refrigerated items put in our cooler, etc., so it may take just a bit to gather your order when you arrive. Thank you for your patience!


How to Use This Service:

Fill out our online order form.

Orders will be processed between 10am-4pm Mon.-Sat. and 11:30am-4pm on Sundays.

Any order placed after 4pm will be processed the next day.

Wait for a phone call.

You will be contacted within two hours of your order being placed. A staff member will assist you in paying for your items over the phone and clear you for pickup.

Come to the Co-op.

When arriving, please park in the designated “Pick Up” parking spots, call the store, and let us know you’ve arrived. A staff member will be out as soon as possible with your items. Please stay in your car and open your trunk to reduce contact.


Terms of Use:

  • We limit this program to a minimum of 5 items or $25 and a maximum of 50 items.
  • We must be able to contact you by phone to process your order. After two attempts, your order will be canceled, and items will be put back.
  • Payment will be must be taken over the phone prior to pick-up with a credit or debit card.
  • No refunds, returns or exchanges are allowed.
  • Orders not picked-up within 24 hours of order fulfillment are considered abandoned. There will be no refunds on abandoned orders.


Click Here for Online Order Form

*Final Note: While we are working out the kinks of this new service please keep in mind, we may need to make changes to the process.

Please bear with us as we strive to find the best way of serving you through this pandemic situation.

Thanks for Shopping Co-op!




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