Locally Owned, Organically Grown


The Grocery Department at Natural Harvest strives to offer a complete line of basic grocery items that are of the highest quality available. Organic and high quality natural products make up the bulk of the department, although we also try to deliver a significant number of harder-to-find specialty items. As the only food co-op between Duluth, Grand Marais and Bemidji we are uniquely situated to serve a diverse, fairly rural community of people who have a wide variety of needs, values, and perspectives.


Our frozen food department contains a wide variety of foods from breakfast items to breads, fruits and vegetables, meat, and desserts. Many of the items are staples like whole wheat bread and tortillas, family-sized bags of fruits and vegetables, veggie burgers, and all-beef hot dogs.

We also carry many hard-to-find items for special diets. Customers will find a large selection of:

  • gluten free products:  breads, tortillas, waffles, and dinner entrees
  • vegetarian and vegan entrees, patties, sausages, and roasts
  • dairy-free frozen desserts
  • locally-raised, antibiotic free pork, chicken and turkey
  • grass-fed beef and bison.

If you don’t find a favorite frozen item, please ask our staff for assistance. We may be able to order it for you or suggest a similar alternative product.

Baked Goods

At Natural Harvest, we have offered baked goods to our members and customers since our co-op first began in the late 1970′s. Currently, we have five different bakeries that supply our co-op. We purchase breads, muffins, cookies, granolas, cinnamon rolls, poticas, bars, and other products from these suppliers. It is our goal to offer products without artificial flavors or preservatives. All of our products are made from scratch. Many of our breads are made with certified organic flours and certain breads are baked with entirely whole grain flours.

We have developed an order/delivery schedule (posted in the bakery retail area) that works quite well and receive products each day from Tuesday to Friday.
We also welcome special orders of any items for events or holidays. Need rolls for that wedding, barbeque, or special dinner? Just call us in advance, and we’ll get your order set!


The Natural Harvest coffee department specializes in organic, shade grown, and fair trade arabica coffees from around the world. Shade grown, organically grown coffee is coffee grown in the natural, historic way. A coffee tree is like a large bush that naturally grows under the forest canopy at higher elevations in the tropical climate areas. Coffee trees grown in this manner produce a richer tasting, lower acidity coffee bean that is free of harmful chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. These areas also provide beneficial environments for the many tropical birds and animals in these areas. Fair trade coffee means that the coffee farmer is receiving a “living wage” for the coffee beans that he/she grows. Arabica coffee trees are a “higher” quality tree that grows best in the shade-grown environment, whereas the “lower” quality Robusta coffee trees are grown in “clear-cut” open plantations.

Natural Harvest offers coffee in 12 ounce packages and also in bulk.


Natural Harvest sodas are all sodas sweetened with cane sugar. We DO NOT carry any sodas sweetened with “high fructose corn syrup.” Our diet sodas are all sweetened with natural sweeteners; mainly stevia and erythritrol. We DO NOT carry any diet sodas sweetened with chemical sweeteners.


These beverages include various fruit juices, spritzers that are fruit juice sweetened, and water. Water is available in five gallon, one gallon, one liter, and smaller-single serving sizes. Included is the local-Buhl Water, distilled water, spring water, and electrolyte enhanced waters. All fruit juices are juices that are “juice sweetened.” None of our juices have sugar added. Natural spritzers are spritzers that are fruit-juice sweetened.

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