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At Natural Harvest, we’ve learned how important it is for our customers to have a wide variety of items that can be purchased with minimal packaging, the cleanest ingredients possible, and in the quantities desired. The bulk department of our co-op strives to do just that!

We have whole grains, beans, lentils, nuts, dried fruits, trail mixes, granolas, dried herbs and spices, organic vanilla extract, bulk coffees and teas, and more. We have product bags for your use, or to cut down on packaging completely, bring your own reusable container, record the empty container weight, record the product number, then load your container.   Our cashiers will subtract your container weights when ringing up your products.

Also, be sure to try some of our peanut and almond butter too, made from freshly ground nuts and nothing else!  If you need to order large quantities, such as 50 pound bags of rolled oats or 25 pounds of your favorite granola, we’ll help you special order that as well.  Use our bulk department to purchase great products in just the amounts you need!

Why We Love Bulk!

Our bulk department is a highlight and major point of value in our store. We have more than 400 products in bulk, many of them organic, to serve your baking, snacking, spicing and cooking whims whether it’s an obscure ingredient or an everyday staple such as raisins, rice or flour. There are so many reasons we LOVE bulk—

  • Bulk is affordable: Bulk offers significant savings when compared to packaged foods
  • Bulk is green: Buying in bulk helps reduce food and packaging waste. Bring in your own containers to be a real green superhero!
  • Bulk is high quality: Bulk is often fresher than packaged alternatives
  • Bulk is convenient: Go ahead and try that new recipe! In bulk, you can purchase a pinch… or a pound.
  • Bulk is the best way to try something new. From dried mango slices to exotic green tea blends, the cost is low and the fun factor is high when it comes to bulk.

What You’ll Find

Instant Beans & Soups; Cereals & Grains; Trail Mixes, Nuts & Snacks; Spices & Herbs; Rice, Pasta & Beans; Candies & Dried Fruits; Flours, Sugars & Ground Grains; Cooking Sauces; Coffees; Laundry & Dish Soap and more!

Shopping Bulk is Easy!

  1. Take a bag, plastic container or coffee bag
  2. Fill it with as much or as little product as you need
  3. Use a twist tie or sticker to identify your product
  4. Write down the PLU# located on the product label
  5. And if you bring in your own container, just weigh it before filling and mark the weight using a sticker. The cashier will deduct the weight at the register.

If you still need assistance, just ask someone for help; we’re always delighted to introduce a new customer to the wonderful world of bulk, as well as being introduced to new products!


The Natural Harvest coffee department specializes in organic, shade grown, and fair trade arabica coffees from around the world. Shade grown, organically grown coffee is coffee grown in the natural, historic way. A coffee tree is like a large bush that naturally grows under the forest canopy at higher elevations in the tropical climate areas. Coffee trees grown in this manner produce a richer tasting, lower acidity coffee bean that is free of harmful chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. These areas also provide beneficial environments for the many tropical birds and animals in these areas. Fair trade coffee means that the coffee farmer is receiving a “living wage” for the coffee beans that he/she grows. Arabica coffee trees are a “higher” quality tree that grows best in the shade-grown environment, whereas the “lower” quality Robusta coffee trees are grown in “clear-cut” open plantations.

Natural Harvest offers coffee in Bulk and also in 12 ounce packages.

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