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January 26th
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Class & Event Updates:

9/1/20: $4 Community Dinners on hold until further notice.

Community Dinner nights have been growing in popularity in many Co-op’s across the country as well as here at Natural Harvest. The event was built on the goodwill of bringing families and community members closer together over a delicious meal and it has been wonderful to see growth in the number of meals we honorably serve the community.

Each month we review sales data from the event and generally celebrate the growth in the number of meals served. However, now that we must factor in the “new normal” our data must be interpreted differently. With that being said, we have concluded it will be best to temporarily discontinue the monthly $4 Dinner nights to prevent crowding inside the store.

Thank you all for supporting these events over the past year, we look forward to starting them back up again in the future.

3/17/20: No classes will be held until further notice.

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