April’s Featured Artist: Naomi Rupp

What drives you to create?
I love nature and the complexity of it. When I see a photo of an animal or flower etc., and I experience a feeling like amazement, calmness, peace, I try to translate that in my work.

What does your work represent?
My work represents the beauty we still have in this dark world. Also the bright future on earth the bible holds out.

What inspires you?
The emotional connection to nature motivates me to create something that hopefully touches someone’s heart.

How do you make your artwork?
I have never received any training or additional schooling in the art field. But I would love to because I feel I have a lot to improve. I use a combination of watercolor and acrylic paint.

What does your art mean to you?
My art is an escape from the world. When I paint an animal I can almost feel what their fur or feathers would be like, or a flower and the smell they give, I try my best to let my art be an experience of things a person may never get to enjoy.
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