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Almond Extract


  • 12 whole raw almonds (skinless)
  • 16 oz. vodka
  • 16 oz. dark glass bottle with tight-fitting lid


  1. Drop the almonds into the bottom of the dark glass bottle.
  2. Pour the vodka over the almonds and fill to the top of the bottle. Put the lid on and close tightly.
  3. Place the vodka and almond mixture in a cool and dark place, like a pantry, and let the mixture sit for two months.
  4. Shake the mixture every three to five days for the entire two month period. Do not remove the lid.
  5. Once the mixture has set for two months, it is ready to be used. Continue to store it in a dry, cool place.

TIP: Dark bottles work best for making extracts, but if you can’t find a dark bottle, you can simply use a regular clear glass bottle.

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