Locally Owned, Organically Grown

Success, thanks to our owners. Join today!

Joining Natural Harvest is easy and important! Everyone who becomes an owner ensures that this business continues to grow and prosper. With the support and patronage of our members, we’re making an important and powerful contribution to the health of the planet.

As a business, we are different because our owners are the people who use and care about this store. We are different because co-ops don’t provide consumer benefits to make a profit… rather, we use capital to provide consumer benefits!

Come and join us! Be proud to be part of a dynamic group of people that started in 1976 to build Natural Harvest into one of the most successful co-ops in Northern Minnesota!

Want to become an owner? Here’s how you do it!

  • Tell the cashier you want to become an owner. Your one-time $100 investment buys your fair-share membership stock.  Ask us about our payment plan. You receive a 5% discount on the day you sign up, plus, you’ll receive a free canvas bag featuring our logo!
  • You will also receive an ownership card that includes your ownership number.
  • Each time you shop, your purchases will be tracked and a Patronage Rebate will be awarded in a profitable year. And once a month, on a day you choose, you will receive a 5% discount…with no discount cap!

Advantages of Ownership

  • A financially sound, investor-owned cooperative!
  • Quarterly owner newsletter.
  • Monthly owner deals.
  • One 5% discount day per month on the day of your choice.
  • Special order privileges. (15% discounts on pre-ordered, regularly priced case purchases.)
  • Patronage Rebate in profitable years.
  • Reduced fees for classes.
  • Voting privileges.
  • Eligible to run for the board of directors.

Owner Application

Download an Ownership Application and mail it back to us with your fair share investment or drop it off the next time you are in the store!

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