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Anja Parenteau (Mt. Iron)
Anja is the General Manager of Natural Harvest Food Co-op.
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Debbie Pettinelli (Virginia) Debbie Pettinelli
Education Committee:
Debbie Pettinelli is a lifelong resident of Virginia, and has worked as a Paraprofessional for the Virginia school district for 18 years. She started shopping at Natural Harvest quite a few years ago, mostly picking up things that weren’t available in the grocery store. The more she became aware and interested in the things that were being put into, and onto, our foods, the more she shopped at the Co-op. Then, in 2009, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. It was at this time that she decided to become a member of Natural Harvest Food Co-op, and to do her best to provide as clean and healthy of a lifestyle as possible for her family. Over the past few years she has become an active and dedicated shopper/owner of the Co-op. Natural Harvest Food Co-op is now her grocery store. Debbie has been cancer free for almost 6 years now and feels that now would be a great time to become more involved in the decision process that will help our Co-op to grow. She feels that Natural Harvest is a much needed and desired asset to our region, and that we are lucky to have it right here in our community.
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Samantha Krage (Virginia) Samantha Krage
GM Evaluation Committee:
Samantha grew up on a farm in southern Minnesota and moved to Virginia in 2010. She attended Winona State University and earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with an emphasis in ecology and focused on large river studies. After college she worked as a naturalist and returned to school at UMD to earn a Bachelors of Applied Science in Teaching Secondary Science. Samantha currently teaches seventh grade life science and human anatomy at Virginia High School. In addition to teaching, Samantha is involved in Virginia’s Green Team, coaching softball, and works as a choir booster. Her hobbies include baking, gardening, curling, musical theater, and any outdoor activity.
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Jacob Rosandich (Virginia) Jacob Rosandich
President & GM Evaluation Committee:
Jacob Rosandich, lives, works, and raises his family here in Virginia. Since having their first child, he and his wife, Paige, have moved back to the area from Duluth to be closer to family and friends, and to raise their children in a supportive and positive community. They became members of the Natural Harvest Food Co-op their first summer back in Virginia, and have continued to shop frequently at the co-op since. They now have 3 kids (2 of which you may see pushing mini carts through the co-op as they chase behind), and they do their best to promote a healthy, local, and homeopathic lifestyle for their family. Jacob is a supporter of organic foods, local economy, and natural living. He is an opponent of GMO’s, pesticides, mandatory fluoridation of water supply, and all other chemicals and toxins that exist in our water, air, food, and medicine. Most importantly, he encourages the education and sharing of knowledge regarding the challenges our society and area faces, and realizing that common sense solutions do exist. He looks forward to an opportunity to be more involved with his Co-op and his community.
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Sarah Packa (Iron) Sarah Packa
Education Committee:
Sarah grew up on the Iron Range, the middle child of a large family. Between a large garden every summer and her Mom's weathered copy of The Nutritional Almanac, she developed an early awareness of healthy eating. A couple years spent in San Francisco after college exposed her to global flavors, Whole Foods, and the politics of food. Now that she is back on the Range with a growing family of her own, Natural Harvest Co-op has become an invaluable resource in her effort to put safe, nutritionally-dense meals on the table.

With organic brands now turning up en masse on the shelves of big box stores, her challenge to the Co-op is to emphasize what sets it apart from being just another grocery store: the spirit of community. This means bringing people together to become involved members, give feedback to the board, join together for bulk buys, and share their skills and knowledge through classes. Co-operation among people with common needs and goals gave Natural Harvest strong roots, and if those roots are kept solid, its vitality and growth will naturally continue.
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Leah Calgaro (Virginia) Leah Calgaro
Vice President & Perpetuation Committee:
Leah Calgaro has a B.A. in philosophy with a minor in political science and a graduate certificate in holistic health studies. She has worked at The Shop Coffeehouse since 2013, and was previously employed at Natural Harvest Food Co-op. Leah spent her childhood shopping at Natural Harvest Food Co-op with her mother when it was just a humble establishment on Chestnut Street. Since then, she has watched the co-op evolve into a beautiful and positive community store. Leah sees the expansion as an inevitable part of Natural Harvest's future. She would love to see a space where classes and meetings can be held for continual community education, an expanded deli, and even a larger seating area. By participating as a member of the Board of Directors, she hopes to help support the community in growing awareness of what it means to live a happy and healthy life.
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Troy Caddy (Virginia) Troy Caddy
Treasurer & GM Evaluation Committee:
Troy Caddy has a Master's degree in Education: Technology Integration. Troy is a Curriculum Instruction Coordinator and Teacher, at Virginia Public Schools. He has taught in the school district since 2007. He has been involved on numerous committees aimed at planning for the future of the district by establishing a vision to keep the school district moving forward with technology and education. Prior to becoming a teacher, he had over 10 years of experience working in the foodservice industry. Troy completed coursework in business Management and Marketing while finishing his Secondary Education degree at UMD. Troy is committed to the community and that begins with expanding health food options. As we look at the potential growth of our community, Natural Harvest must be prepared to meet the demand of tomorrow in a responsible and effective way. He is excited about the possibility of expansion and the future of Natural Harvest as we grow within the community.
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Deb Meissner DeVries (Britt)
Education Committee:
Deb grew up in the Twin Cities, but has been on the Range (and a Natural Harvest member) more than 25 years. She has degrees in Biblical Studies, Therapeutic Recreation, and Teaching Second Languages and Cultures. She currently teaches in both the Virginia and Hibbing public schools. Deb loves to hike, kayak, and grow flowers and vegetables. Since first serving on NHFC's board during the 1990's, Deb has remained committed to building health and community around the common theme of food. Education and relationships are her priorities for our Coop's success.
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Kim Anderson (Eveleth)
Perpetuation Committee
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Lori Ismil (Britt, MN)
Secretary & Perpetuation Committee
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