Locally Owned, Organically Grown

The 2018 election results are in!

Please welcome our newest Board Members.


Thank you to all Owners that took the time to vote!


Emma Peterson – Virginia, MN







Julie Juntune – Virginia, MN






Pauli Rancourt – Eveleth, MN






Anne Lantry – Cook, MN





Shayna Ray – Biwabik, MN






If you have any questions about the election process or what the Board does please contact our current Board Members at board@naturalharvest.coop.

Board Policies & ENDS

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The Harvest Beet Summer 2018 What's Inside?

General Manager’s Report for 2017 ❦ New Fruit & Veggie Trays in the Deli ❦ Annual Meeting Recap ❦ Announcement of New Board Members ❦ Product Selection & Customer Comments ❦ Local Chaga in the Wellness Aisle ❦ Quarterly Owner Coupons ❦ Summer Classes & More…

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