Locally Owned, Organically Grown


Manager: Ashley

The Natural Harvest garden department operates annually from the middle of February to the end of June. We specialize in garden products that meet the needs of people desiring to have organically grown gardens. The garden seed racks appear in the middle of February to be followed by organic potting soil and organic fertilizers. Organic onion sets and organic seed potatoes arrive in April, and the Natural Harvest greenhouse opens in early May, featuring organically grown herbs, flowers, and veggies. We specialize in heirloom tomatoes.

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The Harvest Beet Fall 2017 What's Inside?

Short & Sweet 2016 Annual Report ❦ Spring Election Results ❦ Produce Options for Bust Schedules ❦ Class in Session ❦ Allafia Empowerment Project ❦ New Product Spotlight ❦   “Change Within Reach” Round-up Report & More!

... and much more