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  • Celebrate the organic harvest at the co-op!
  • Learn how you can support the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund
  • Heads up! Cauliflower is ripe for the picking this month
  • Feta cheese brings Mediterranean flair to a variety of dishes

Ownership is not required to receive co-op deal prices.

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Co-op Deals for 9/20 - 10/3
Co-Op Deals for 9/20 - 10/3
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The Harvest Beet Fall 2017 What's Inside?

Short & Sweet 2016 Annual Report ❦ Spring Election Results ❦ Produce Options for Bust Schedules ❦ Class in Session ❦ Allafia Empowerment Project ❦ New Product Spotlight ❦   “Change Within Reach” Round-up Report & More!

... and much more