Locally Owned, Organically Grown

A Visit to Pretasky Farm

Oh, what a beautiful morning! Becky and Tim Pretasky’s farm in Meadowlands welcomed Ashley P., me, and a young helper this weekend.

Becky and Tim have been sharing the fruits (more often the veggies!) from their land for the past 3 years, starting with asparagus in May up through squash and pumpkins in October. They have been farming this 120-acre former hayfield for the last 8 years, but have been growing all their lives.

Big, delicious Fortex green beans that Becky described as “beany” were in need of picking, and Ashley put her power-picking to great use instantly.

Becky found all kinds of fun jobs for us amateurs to tend to, including finding a beautiful raspberry bush for a young one to pick (and eat).

Snap peas were looking bodacious — the peas were big and sweet and made for great snacking on the way home.

The Pretasky’s grow lots of beautiful onions, beets and chard too!

Marai corn should be ready in about 3 weeks, and we’ll be lucky enough to get some in the store. It freezes so well, she promises, that it tastes as sweet as when it’s fresh.

Get a load of these gorgeous beets — beautiful enough for a bouquet, I’d say.

Hot tip: In hot weather, the radishes get hotter. To cool them down, stick them in the fridge.

Want a surprisingly delicious summer treat? Try Ashley’s Refreshing Radish Dip!

Once it starts getting hot, we all cooled down with fresh snacks Becky kept in a cooler.

Ashley loaded up her truck with boxes bursting full of beautiful produce for the store.

What a great day at a lovely farm with just the nicest company! Getting our hands dirty was so much fun. We now have a young recruit in our midst.

“We love growing,” Becky says. “We’re just happy when people appreciate it.”  Having seen where it comes from and sampled it bounty, we love it more than ever. Thanks, Becky for a wonderful day!