Locally Owned, Organically Grown

Quality Groceries For Healthy Living

Natural Harvest Food Co-op, located on Bailey’s Lake, in Virginia, MN, is a member owned community market that provides a full line of natural and organically grown foods and products to its owners and the public. We stock only the highest quality products based on freshness, flavor, nutritional values, and respect for animal welfare and the environment.

Become an owner to harvest optimum benefits, and join Natural Harvest Food Co-op in the quest to promote good health and a sustainable and healthy environment for all. Natural Harvest is open to everyone.

Owner Loan Campaign

Dear Owners, We need your help! As an owner of our co-op, you are the financial foundation of this business. With your initial investment you provided equity and money needed to run and maintain the business. The Board of Director’s is asking you now, to consider making an additional investment to help make the dream of a store expansion a reality!

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The Harvest Beet Spring 2016 What's Inside?

Board Report: An Exciting Future for Our Co-op ❦ What’s New? ❦ Micro Greens, Macro Flavor ❦ Notice of Annual Meeting/Ballot ❦ B the Change ❦ Classes at the Co-op ❦ More Cheese Please ❦ Get Your Green Thumbs Ready ❦ What’s Cooking & More!

... and much more
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